Growing Bald Spot in my Hair

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I have seen several people on Youtube and have read about how onion and garlic can help stimulate dead and damaged hair follicies. All hair might not come ba…


PinayPrincessa27 says:

I went to the derma doctor and I got steroid injections monthly on a bald
patch that formed in the back of my head that was diagnosed as alopecia due
to stress and i was putting clobetasol propionate gel on the spot twice a
day and my hair grew back in within 3 months…Hope this helps

TractionAlopecia says:

So you are saying not to mix the garlic with any onions ? Just used crushed
garlic on my bald spot for about two hours. Do I use any plastic cap ?

PinayPrincessa27 says:

yeah it did grow back in the alopecia bald spot but as far as my hair
thinning out Im still battling with that and hopefully i will kno by next
week how to cure it I’ll keep u posted, take care and always :)

TractionAlopecia says:

@1monilove Thanks I will

Sharmeta says:

Good luck

Sidhu Dil says:

you should use garlic on your scalp specially on the area of blade spot,
for doing this you need 2 medium garlic clove and then smashed it,and put
this mixture on that area where you want to grow your hair and then leave
it for 2 HR ,then wash your hair with a good herbal shampo,AREETHA SHAMPOO
make sure don’t use too much shampoo because too much shampoo makes scalp
weak.just use little bit and then repeat this process 3 times in a week you
will see a diffidence.thank you.

GeeGeeTalks says:

my hair looks JUST like this but a little wider , did this method work for
you . ?

TractionAlopecia says:

@ezeekaY check out howconnie channel thats one of the channels that I saw
the onion and garlic hair treatment on.

TractionAlopecia says:

Thats great your hair grew back

Ethel Frye says:

Where can I get onion and garlic for my hair and scalp

Hebrew Honey says:

my hair has been shedding rapidly for the past 5 months. I hate washing it
because so much comes out. I”m natural and I wear my hair blow dried. It
didn’t start coming out like this until I began blow drying it with the
comb attached to it. I have a doctors appointment next week to see what’s

1monilove says:


TractionAlopecia says:

@ethelf3 I watched Howconnie and Sharmetab channel check out those channels
and they show how they mix the onions and garlic for their hair.

TractionAlopecia says:

@thebadestbenz Yes it’s safe because we eat onion and garlic

TractionAlopecia says:

I never used garlic by its self only mixed with the onions

TractionAlopecia says:

Good Luck

ezeekaY says:

How do you exactly apply it? i’m a 17 year old male and have patches on the
rear of my head, for 5 months or so now

TractionAlopecia says:


Sidhu Dil says:

No, now I had a bad experience with rubbing garlic clove on blade spot,so
don’t use garlic clove directly on ur skin,I used but my skin got burned
from tht spot where I rubbed,so thn I mixed garlic cloves in Olive oil and
leave tht oil in dark place for 1 week thn use on ur scalp I did tht smell
is NOT good but it works. I hope U ‘ll get the benefit for using ths one.

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