Top Tips: Growing hair line (edges)

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This video gives top tips on how to prevent hair loss on your edges from putting in weave or hair extensions. Top tips include: changing your braid pattern, using essential oils like Jojoba Oil and Jamaican Black Castor Oil, and NEVER using hair glue.


usnaron1 says:


MsKantuM says:

no i dnt. thanks for your comment

Buki Kekere says:

hey.. if you still have this hair on how isit holding up? also when curling this hair.. without putting any products how well do the curls last? do they fall out @ d end of the day or even after a couple of hours? or do they fall after a couple of days? : )

5starchick310 says:

How tall r u?

5starchick310 says:

What length u’r wearing?

MsKantuM says:

no problem. glad it was of help x

5starchick310 says:

Thnx 4 this vid!

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